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Victorian WorkSafe and Federal COMCARE


With 15 years experience querying and reporting in both the Victorian WorkSafe Data Warehouse and Federal COMCARE scheme, SS-Software can provide a unique, tailored insight into your WorkCover portfolio. If your insurer is giving you inadequate data and reports that tell very little about your claims, you need to engage SS-Software to interrogate the data, tailor reports to tell you what you need to know and help your employees return to work and boost the performance of your claims portfolio.


Return to work data

Reconciliation of claims reimbursements

Medical and Like expense analysis

Service providor visitation frequency & cost

Claims costs analysis

Incident rates per work location


Clear, concise, easy to understand reports that tell the story of your workers compensation performance. Simple visual tools to assist staff, line mangers and senior management understand what they need to do to improve return to work rates, reduce costs and demystify the workers compensation puzzle.


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